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This site lists example metaphors, analogies and similes for students, writers and all who enjoy figurative language.

Here you will find reusable phrase-power to refine your student essay, copywriter sales pitch, speech or web blog.

If you have assumed that metaphors belong in the olde-world of boring English lessons – think again! Metaphors are deeply rooted in the fabric of our language. It is not only the best writers and journalists who use metaphors, but when you analyse the content of comedians, it is often the unexpected analogy that gets the laugh; the punchline being a metaphor.

Learn imaginative metaphor, analogy, simile and figurative writing.

Thoughtful metaphors can concisely communicate to your audience. Quality figurative language will spice up your business pitch to replace dull cliches.

Have fun by training your brain to think in metaphors. It's liberating to move from dull literalism and unlock your true inner reactions to what is around you.

Be A Genius With Metaphors: Thousands of Witty Metaphors, Analogies and Similes

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Have you noticed how the more entertaining and perceptive writers are able to sprinkle their pages with sparkling analogies and metaphors? They are able to turn their gaze on any subject and make fresh connections and illuminating patterns. We learn by taking new facts and placing them on top of existing knowledge. When the connection formed is unexpected then the experience of learning becomes fun.

Analogies can stimulate us to think differently about the world. They can be either funny, shocking or profound, and sometimes all three simultaneously. The material of our favourite comedians, newspaper columnists and novelists is often based on telling analogies, which are especially memorable when new to us.

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